karl barth

September 5, 2010

“to clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.”

karl barth was a rebel in the church. he showed resistance to his formal education in liberal theology and a righteous indignation to the sweeping third reich. he even went as far as writing a personal letter to adolph hitler stating his allegiance was to god and not to the führer.

i think this man’s attitude is a pretty compelling argument against nietzsche saying “convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.”


del tha funky homosapien

August 28, 2010

call it hip hop happenstance when the poster boy of backpacker hip hop is the cousin of ice cube, one of the most iconic gangsta rappers there is.

del’s influence in hip hop is impressive to say the least. from being a part of oakland’s legendary hieroglyphics to penning the genius on deltron 3030, which in my own opinion is the most creative concept album the genre has seen to date.

since buying a copy of i wish my brother george was here in early highschool, everything this man has put his stamp on has contributed to and helped shaped my hip hop paradigm.

matthew wooley

August 24, 2010

i know, i know…

two posts in a row littered with pictures of my own face. my rabid vanity could make oscar wilde shudder in disgust, right?

well, this post is less about the person in front of the lens than it is about the one behind the lens. i thought i’d take the opportunity to give a little bit of shine to my friend matt, who i met up with a couple weeks back to take some shots with, in and around toronto’s christie pits park.

matt is a busy and talented artist with his hands buried in a number of different mediums. web design, screen and playwriting and now in the early stages of developing a mixed media project titled selftape.

the objective of this blog is to create a retrospective of style and in doing so, take account for some of my own influences.  however, style is constantly evolving; occupying space in the past, present and future. in this vein, i would like to try and take the opportunity to highlight some people who are a personal influence of this manner in my day to day life.


see more of matt’s work at http://mrpictures.tumblr.com/

familia. משפחה. 家族.

August 12, 2010

there is no greater influence on personal style.

bill murray

August 9, 2010

for some insight on one of the most complex and interesting personalities in comedy take a minute and read this interview murray did in this month’s GQ.



gordon lightfoot

July 31, 2010

his catalogue of music is long and acclaimed, having recorded many songs himself and many recorded by artists including bob dylan, elvis presley, barbara streisand and johnny cash to mention a few. fellow canadian, robbie robertson of the band, called lightfoot a “national treasure”. today he still captivates audiences with his rich baritone voice against the odds of health problems he has been facing.

talib kweli

July 24, 2010

new york city is the cradle of street culture, as a result, hip hop was born and raised in the five boroughs and talib kweli is as new york as a folded slice of pepperoni pizza.

ask any backpacker hip hop head what turned them onto the sub-genre and there’s a good chance they will credit black star. equal parts mos def and talib kweli, the brooklyn duo created a unique sound that was rich with well crafted, thought-provoking statements while backed up by the signature swagger of the new york mc.

since blackstar, mos def has gone on to do major motion films, host hbo’s def poetry jam and several critically acclaimed solo albums. while kweli has not garnered the same attention from the general public, he has been devotedly building his brand as an mc’s mc.

talib means “seeker” or “student” in arabic. when holding this knowledge up to his music, it makes me think about the value of a name and the consideration of nature versus nurture.

check out his most recent album revolutions per minute with hi-tek under the project name reflection eternal.

john fante

July 18, 2010

in the tradition of great writing, authors have often found themselves romantically connected to the landscape that surrounds them. james joyce claimed dublin as his heart’s companion. jack kerouac, though restless, became synonymous with the excitement of san francisco. khalil gibran spoke of his native lebanon as heaven on earth. the list goes on and for good reason. when a writer conveys the beauty of influence and inspiration from their own perspective it draws the reader into the pages in a compelling way.


lately i’ve been interested particularly in the portrait of los angeles painted by john fante. here is an excerpt from ask the dust that stood out to me.

“los angeles, give me some of you!  los angeles come to me the way i came to you, my feet over your streets, you pretty town i loved you so much, you sad flower in the sand, you pretty town.”

leonard cohen

July 14, 2010

his songwriting along with his words on paper have taken a deep look into solitude, human sexuality and the fragile nature of personal relationships. his smoky voice and vulnerable perspective has found new audiences for over 5 decades.

his influence in the canadian arts and well beyond is immeasurable.

read the favourite game… please.

i’ll look around

July 6, 2010

for those of us living in toronto, or even keeping an eye on the news surrounding the recent G20 summit hosted in the city this image will carry a lot more weight today than it would have just one month ago.

this piece is taken from “a new project in progress called I’ll Look Around. It’s basically a visual diary that started when I was traveling in Europe last fall. As I went from place to place, I would do small post-card sized sketches for my loved ones and send them back home. Now that I am back in Toronto, I am continuing this ritual of recording places, people, and memories related to my everyday life.” says erica brisson, an artist friend of mine who was raised in toronto.

if you have a moment to spare, i’d like to invite you to take a look at her project and see if it invokes any memories of hogtown, or if you’ve never been to toronto then see if it lines up with the way you imagine the city in your mind’s eye.