they call him the abbot, meaning the teacher of the wu tang clan. he introduced 8 of his comrades from the projects of new york city to eastern culture, philosophy and religions.  as a result, the music they made in the 90s and 2000s has no parallel. those 8 other young men in that he taught have gone on to show countless members of their audience how to build something monumental out of nothing. as a visionary in hip hop and an ambassador of the downtrodden he has shown people all over the world how to first look inward for the knowledge of self and then how to take that knowledge and seek influence from all of the other abbots in your life.

five percent nation, kung fu, chess, taoism, buddhism, holistic medicine, the teachings of christ, science and mathematics.

“if what you say is true, the shaolin and the wu-tang could be very dangerous!”


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