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leslie nielsen

November 29, 2010

absurdity is the lifeblood of comedy and when a comic has the ability to approach it from a character that is seemingly oblivious, the absurd makes us laugh that much harder.  leslie neilsen had that talent in spades!  thank goodness we can share his memories on dvd.

we remember those who made us laugh in a different way.



November 22, 2010

they call him the abbot, meaning the teacher of the wu tang clan. he introduced 8 of his comrades from the projects of new york city to eastern culture, philosophy and religions.  as a result, the music they made in the 90s and 2000s has no parallel. those 8 other young men in that he taught have gone on to show countless members of their audience how to build something monumental out of nothing. as a visionary in hip hop and an ambassador of the downtrodden he has shown people all over the world how to first look inward for the knowledge of self and then how to take that knowledge and seek influence from all of the other abbots in your life.

five percent nation, kung fu, chess, taoism, buddhism, holistic medicine, the teachings of christ, science and mathematics.

“if what you say is true, the shaolin and the wu-tang could be very dangerous!”

alexander olch

November 8, 2010

if you’re not afraid to spend a ton of loot on a great tie or you’re impressed by people who seem to squeeze more hours out of a day then the rest of us then you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the work of alexander olch.  harvard graduate, buzz-worthy screenplay writer and director and most recently stiff competition for the juggernauts of the formal menswear industry, olch works hard and does many things well.

stay tuned in as we count down the days until hermes and paul smith start buckling under the pressure of competition with this young gun.