i’m excited to say that i’ll be travelling around south america over the next three weeks.

i’m less excited to say that my blog will inevitably take backseat as i cannot be sure how much time i’ll have to sit down at a computer.

having said that however, i do hope to get in an update or two during my trip and i’d also like to ask my readers for a small favour.

i’m in the very early stages of a writing project that puts the idea of changing our world under a microscope and i’d like to get some feedback from you.

what values act as the greatest catalyst for change?


who do you see making effecting the change you believe our world needs?

thank you for your loyal readership and i look forward to your feedback.



One Response to “change”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I don’t know if values are the best catalyst, maybe beliefs, traits? I know empathy and sympathy are extremely strong, as well as a sense of justice and equality, I don’t know what I would put forward as my definitive answer as they are not mutually exclusive. Sympathy doesn’t always lead to justice, nor is true justice always sympathetic to people’s needs…

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