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johnny cash

September 28, 2010

danny trejo

September 21, 2010

the tough look on his face is not a front, a product of director cues or hours spent in acting classes.

this is the toughness of a man who has seen 11 years of his life taken from him behind bars. a toughness that comes with knowing what it’s like to have people fear you, regretting the pain you’ve caused and finding the courage to right those wrongs.

if his career in hollywood was written in the stars then his life before the silver screen can be seen as unintentional method acting. there’s very few people in hollywood who can “play tough” as well as this man and i have to assume that is because few people know what it feels like to be tough as he is.

trejo spends much of his free time now speaking to at risk youth about the perils of street life and the redemption he has found in the new life he lives.


September 16, 2010

with all the resources available to hollywood, why do they have so much trouble capturing the authenticity of subcultures?

with the exception of 8 mile, every studio film i can think of that tries to focus in on the fringes of popular culture ends up feeling contrived and out of touch. now try to imagine 8 mile without the involvement of eminem, an artist who helped build the vehicle that the story was based around. the credibility is almost certainly crushed.

shown above is a picture of justin pierce who played casper in the hyper provocative larry clark indy film kids. although pierce’s career was abruptly ended when he took his own life in july of 2000, this role stands out to me when i think of authenticity in film.

skateboarding culture has always been particularly subject to misrepresentation in mainstream film and television. therefore it should come as no surprise that larry clark took to the streets of new york city to find real skateboarders to capture the underground cultural zeitgeist of the mid 90’s. in justin pierce he found a kid who knew nothing about method acting or character development but naturally was able to show off the spirit of the culture he belonged to.

in the next couple of posts i’d like to take the opportunity to explore a couple of actors, musicians and writers who exude authenticity because they were given the right opportunity to speak to an audience in their natural voice.

karl barth

September 5, 2010

“to clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.”

karl barth was a rebel in the church. he showed resistance to his formal education in liberal theology and a righteous indignation to the sweeping third reich. he even went as far as writing a personal letter to adolph hitler stating his allegiance was to god and not to the f├╝hrer.

i think this man’s attitude is a pretty compelling argument against nietzsche saying “convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.”