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del tha funky homosapien

August 28, 2010

call it hip hop happenstance when the poster boy of backpacker hip hop is the cousin of ice cube, one of the most iconic gangsta rappers there is.

del’s influence in hip hop is impressive to say the least. from being a part of oakland’s legendary hieroglyphics to penning the genius on deltron 3030, which in my own opinion is the most creative concept album the genre has seen to date.

since buying a copy of i wish my brother george was here in early highschool, everything this man has put his stamp on has contributed to and helped shaped my hip hop paradigm.


matthew wooley

August 24, 2010

i know, i know…

two posts in a row littered with pictures of my own face. my rabid vanity could make oscar wilde shudder in disgust, right?

well, this post is less about the person in front of the lens than it is about the one behind the lens. i thought i’d take the opportunity to give a little bit of shine to my friend matt, who i met up with a couple weeks back to take some shots with, in and around toronto’s christie pits park.

matt is a busy and talented artist with his hands buried in a number of different mediums. web design, screen and playwriting and now in the early stages of developing a mixed media project titled selftape.

the objective of this blog is to create a retrospective of style and in doing so, take account for some of my own influences.  however, style is constantly evolving; occupying space in the past, present and future. in this vein, i would like to try and take the opportunity to highlight some people who are a personal influence of this manner in my day to day life.


see more of matt’s work at

familia. משפחה. 家族.

August 12, 2010

there is no greater influence on personal style.

bill murray

August 9, 2010

for some insight on one of the most complex and interesting personalities in comedy take a minute and read this interview murray did in this month’s GQ.