i’ll look around

for those of us living in toronto, or even keeping an eye on the news surrounding the recent G20 summit hosted in the city this image will carry a lot more weight today than it would have just one month ago.

this piece is taken from “a new project in progress called I’ll Look Around. It’s basically a visual diary that started when I was traveling in Europe last fall. As I went from place to place, I would do small post-card sized sketches for my loved ones and send them back home. Now that I am back in Toronto, I am continuing this ritual of recording places, people, and memories related to my everyday life.” says erica brisson, an artist friend of mine who was raised in toronto.

if you have a moment to spare, i’d like to invite you to take a look at her project and see if it invokes any memories of hogtown, or if you’ve never been to toronto then see if it lines up with the way you imagine the city in your mind’s eye.




One Response to “i’ll look around”

  1. nicethanks Says:

    I like this.

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