canadian songwriters

i work at toronto’s historic massey hall, a world classic music venue that brings in performers of towering reputation and talent on a regular basis. the other night, with the help of some friends, bruce cockburn played a retrospective of his music over the last 40 years. the barenaked ladies, buck 65, hawksley workman and ron sexmith, to mention a few names, all joined bruce on stage to celebrate the legacy he has left on canadian music and songwriting.

this blog started as an experiment in taking account of the people who have directly influenced my style in the way i present my attitude, appearance and performance. bruce cockburn has not been one of those direct influences, however in watching him perform the other night i had the opportunity to mentally trace the roots of influence i see in alot of the performers who have had that direct effect on me.

canada has been and continues to be a hotbed of talent in storytelling and songwriting and over the next few posts i would like to take a look at some of these talented artists and the paths they’ve laid in their influence.

“i don’t even know what street canada is on.” ~al capone


One Response to “canadian songwriters”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Paul, I love this post and the direction that it is going. The idea of story telling as a cultural inheritance to us, as Canadians, appeals to me. Kudos.

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