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neil young

June 30, 2010

canadian songwriters

June 18, 2010

i work at toronto’s historic massey hall, a world classic music venue that brings in performers of towering reputation and talent on a regular basis. the other night, with the help of some friends, bruce cockburn played a retrospective of his music over the last 40 years. the barenaked ladies, buck 65, hawksley workman and ron sexmith, to mention a few names, all joined bruce on stage to celebrate the legacy he has left on canadian music and songwriting.

this blog started as an experiment in taking account of the people who have directly influenced my style in the way i present my attitude, appearance and performance. bruce cockburn has not been one of those direct influences, however in watching him perform the other night i had the opportunity to mentally trace the roots of influence i see in alot of the performers who have had that direct effect on me.

canada has been and continues to be a hotbed of talent in storytelling and songwriting and over the next few posts i would like to take a look at some of these talented artists and the paths they’ve laid in their influence.

“i don’t even know what street canada is on.” ~al capone

patti smith

June 11, 2010

a little over a month ago a friend of mine asked me to contribute a short piece on his blog. in recognition of national poetry month he was paying due to some of the wordsmiths who have left an impression on him and asked me to be a part of it.

as a fan of sammy younan’s perspective and writing talents i would like to offer him the same opportunity.

sammy, the floor is yours.


With the recent publication of Just Kids, Smith’s memoir has brought her dynamic contributions full circle.

A lost girl rummaging for a voice and a vision she discovered both in New York along with punk rock, a bevy of artists, a burgeoning art scene and causes she continues to empower. “People Have The Power.”

Though her authentic art offerings range from rock journalism to music to film and photography her greatest gift is easily permission. Go, be fruitful, create, draw…even if you can’t. Especially if you can’t. Follow your fancy; you won’t rue a romance with your muse. Discover your voice then figure out what you want to say with it.

We don’t require permission we just think we do. Smith’s voice is one clearly declaring yes, do, be…now. Inspiration is always present even when ideas are not. “Dream Of Life.”


Sammy is the Scarborough writer who has heeded Smith’s call; penning Red Letter Nights. Go here (URL: to check out Red Letter Nights and other adventures.

jim harrison

June 7, 2010

harrison is a writer who is deeply in touch with the passions of life; fine food, the comfort of a good bottle and the energy of a close love. his reputation as a masculine writer is time tested by a collection of protagonist’s he has created who have been beaten down by the odds they were dropped into. his writing is a poetic exploration of manliness and the paradox of the male’s internal and external devices.

bill cosby

June 2, 2010

if you grew up during the prime time reign of ‘the cosby show’ in the 80’s you may recognize this man as some sort of a peripheral father figure. as the creator and star of the hit series he drew out a committed and non-distinct fan base that felt like the huxtable’s could have been the family living next door.  as an advocate of humor that is void of cynicism and vulgarity he showed generations of comics to come that laughter doesn’t follow a one way street.