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charles bukowski

March 29, 2010

“nobody knew how good i was, nobody knew what i could do. i was some kind of miracle. the sun tossed yellow everywhere and i cut through it, a crazy knife on wheels. my father was a beggar in the streets of india but all the women in the world loved me…” ~ham on rye


the arcade fire

March 17, 2010

fiercely creative and literary in their approach to making indy rock music, the arcade fire has seen a massive amount of critical acclaim and undivided attention from their fans. as a young band their full and ominous sound is tightly packed with a heavy arsenal of intricate literary device and eclectic instrumentation that is impressive at any point in a career. their sophomore record, neon bible will act as a template of inspiration for concept albums for many years to come.

before sunset

March 12, 2010

bradley nowell

March 9, 2010

although he was unable to put his demons of addiction to rest, his catalogue of music has lived on, filled with anthems of that solace he was searching for. his voice was rich with heart and soul and will continue to find places to be heard until the day when people stop enjoying a cold beer in the warm sun.

gene kelly

March 3, 2010

his grace and flare on the dancefloor were lined with notes of confidence and athleticism that has played an important role in squashing the misconception that real men don’t dance. his contribution to the performing arts in acting, directing, singing and dancing are valuable beyond any measure.