anthony bourdain

he holds no qualms about criticizing many of the shortcomings of the world he exists in; hokey celebrity chefs, overpriced avant-garde dishes and the personal food politics that so many people can’t seem to speak about with their indoor voices. although he wears his opinions on his sleeve many fans appreciate his obstinate nature as it feels honest and accessible. bourdain has a bottomless spirit of adventure that craves the company of good friends, great food and cultures he has not yet seen.


One Response to “anthony bourdain”

  1. leigh Says:

    I love watching his show “No Reservations” to get a taste of the local food, culture, atmosphere, and location for many places both local and abroad. For places I’ve already been to, it opens my eyes to things I may have missed while at the same time bringing back memories of my travels. For places I’ve yet to travel to, it presents me with some of the possible experiences of the country, what it and it’s people have to offer if you venture past the tourist traps and travel guide books’ suggestions.

    Colombia –
    Chile –
    Brazil –

    ¡Viva Bourdain! ¡Viva la revolución!

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