henri nouwen

as an esteemed professor of the ivy league he found fulfillment in his academic accomplishments and decided to pursue challenges of the heart.  after traveling to france with close friend jean vanier, nouwen was introduced to l’arche community which serves people with developmental handicaps in over 130 cities around the world.  the impact of this trip was so powerful that he left his teaching position at harvard and spent the last ten years of his life physically serving a community called “daybreak” just outside of toronto.

in nouwen we see a gifted intellect who refused to lock himself inside the ivory tower because his love for life and his compassion met where the rubber meets the road.


One Response to “henri nouwen”

  1. TK Says:

    Hey there Paul I replied to your comment on my blog. Unlucky doesn’t have a website for his goods yet but if you email him or private message him he usually gets back to you within a day or two! Thanks for the encouragement and stay tuned for more updates, cheers.

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