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saul williams

January 31, 2010

probably the closest thing slam poetry has to a “household name”, his words paint intergalactic imagery that has been embraced by lovers of hip hop, afro-punk and classical poetry alike. he has shared the stage with trent reznor, zack de la rocha and allen ginsberg among other influential players in the game. having written and acted in the cannes and sundance winning film “slam”, represented the nuyorican poet’s cafe at the 1996 national poetry slam and been published by the new york times, his creative talents seemingly refuse to bow to any boundaries.


terry fox

January 26, 2010

his determination and valor has been a fuel of inspiration to canadians young and old for nearly thirty years now, however the impact of his story has spread far beyond his fellow countrymen. the annual “terry fox run” is now the single largest one-day fundraiser for the fight against cancer in the world. terry was only 22 years old when his battle with osteosarcoma ended, and although the disease took his young life, his legacy goes on to argue that he did not lose the war. a very true hero of performance and attitude.

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oscar wilde

January 23, 2010

“fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

tom penny

January 20, 2010

the shadow he cast on skateboarding is a large and cryptic one. although his laid-back style and enormous talents still remain to be emulated, it was his sudden escape from the world he was on top of that left the biggest impression on so many of the people he influenced.  he had all the gravy on his plate and wanted nothing more than the potatoes.

gil scott-heron

January 16, 2010

his work as an author, poet and musician in the 60’s and 70’s has served as a major catalyst for slam poetry, neo-soul and hip hop music. in the thirteen years since his last studio album, heron has been thrown into storms that could cripple a man, none of which appear to have weakened his voice as an artist.

his most anticipated effort to date titled “i’m new here” is out now.

hip hop is not dead.

bruce lee

January 12, 2010

although born on american soil, many westerners saw lee as an ambassador of the east in philosophy, culture and and because of his voice as a chinese nationalist. he was ahead of his time as an innovator in martial arts and an advocate of holistic health. In only 32 years of life he set a memorable precedent in pushing the human mind, body and spirit to it’s bounds.

ani difranco

January 3, 2010

she has recorded 18 studio albums in 20 years, toured the globe relentlessly and advocated her personal politics on the international stage. the independant label she started in 1990 boasts 4 grammy nominations and 1 win, and is host to 16 critically acclaimed musicians and spoken word poets. as a celebrated icon of feminism and independant music she has been a beacon of courage, determination and creativity.