john wooden

he led his ucla bruins to an unparalleled 10 national championships in 12 years. he was the first man to be inducted into the basketball hall of fame as both a player and a coach. in just shy of one century, this man has contributed more to the game of basketball than a young man can recognize or understand, and yet his indelible footprint on the game is dwarfed by the impact he has had in the greater arena of leadership. his “pyramid of succcess” philosophy is as likely to motivate and inspire in the conference room as it is in the locker room.

the sage wisdom of coach wooden has shaped countless young men and women into purposeful and determined leaders. not only is he an icon of style, but a model of success and integrity as well.


One Response to “john wooden”

  1. John Allardyce Says:

    Coach Wooden was a man of incredible character, faith and influence. At 99 years of age he still inspires and mentors even though he ‘retired’ as a basketball coach over 30 years ago. Thanks for including Coach.

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